Being human is a site by Sarah Yemini.

It is about tending the fire that keeps us human and holding onto the hope that keeps us alive, while letting go of everything you thought you were and everything you thought was true.

It is about the process of writing my first book when everything else seems more important and my own brain has been co-opted into sabotaging me.

My first book is about How To Adult (when you’re not really ready but you have to anyway).

I’m an accidental expert in doing things anyway. I’m a long-term occupant of the cusp of transition. I’m daily shedding the skin I thought was me. I’ve walked a one way journey between Others┬áso often that I know I belong exactly where I am, even if it is on a bridge.

I’m a long-term voyager in the inner realm and a perpetual beginner in the vast field known as being human.

I care about what is. I care about humanity. I care about transmission.

My life is a living devotion to transmission.

I am a new poet and an old soul.

I am fire. I am blood. I am bones.

What I’m doing now (inspired by Derek Sivers).