the fire to stay human and the hope to stay alive


Being human is a site by Sarah Yemini.

It is about tending the fire that keeps us human and holding onto the hope that keeps us alive.

It is about the process of letting go of everything you thought was true about who you are, in order to get to know yourself better.

It is about the process of writing my first book which is 90% the process of training my brain out of distraction. It took me 15 years to train myself not to forget what my work is but now I am here.

My first book is about How To Adult when you’re not really ready but you have to anyway.

I’m an accidental expert in doing things anyway.

I care about what is. I care about humanity.

My life is a living devotion to transmission.

I am a new poet and an old soul.

I am fire. I listen to my bones.

I was born to write. I don’t know much else but that this is my lifeblood.

What I’m doing now (inspired by Derek Sivers).