the fire to stay human and the hope to stay alive


You should know up front that I have never let anyone or anything convince me I couldn’t do something I knew I had to do.

As a result I was in charge of somebody else’s life before I knew how to take care of my own.

I went about it the only way I knew how – alone, teeth gritted and pretending everything was just fine.

But mostly, by reading everything I could get my hands on and writing compulsively late at night.

Over time, through much trial and error, emerged the raw materials I needed, to retroactively offer my young self a framework for transitioning to an adult of the species.

It feels like I’ve taken a really, really long time to figure out a palatable approach to entering maturity. I’ve always known I have to write a book even though I have mostly spent my time finding elaborate ways to get out of it.

So last year I finally began writing the book I wish I could have read before having to initiate myself into adulthood.

I’m hoping it will make you as curious and determined as I am to figure out what it means to be an adult human being.

If there is anyone out there who has suddenly found themselves with all the responsibility and none of the skills of adulthood and who has to be an adult anyway, it is my hope that this book will help your learning curve be shorter and slightly less treacherous than mine.

It is also my hope that it will keep you company in the way that all the good books in my life have done for me.

My vision is that together, we can all grow up already.

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