the fire to stay human and the hope to stay alive


I am part of the last generation who will remember a childhood before the internet took over.

I remember when Facebook came into existence. Along with most of the planet, it was my first introduction to social media. Self expression was exploding exponentially everywhere in the most mundane magical ways. Those were distracting times.

I am working hard to un-train myself from being perpetually distracted by the internet.

Currently I only spend about 2 hours online and force myself to do all my interaction during this time because otherwise the book really will never get written.

However here is where I am to be found on the internet:

I have an Instagram account where I post photos as I go and write too much text in the caption field. There is no theme, it is just my life, when and if I feel like it. Pictures of things my kids and I are doing, places we go and tiny poems which spring forth from time to time.

I am on Facebook but I don’t use my personal profile, except to participate in groups and in order to have a page. My page is the best place for us to have a conversation at the moment.

I use Pinterest as an oracle or as a portal through which to receive feedback from the universe so if you want to know what my inner world currently looks like, then this would be the place to go and follow me.

If you ever feel like emailing me, please do. At first, when I don’t have a lot of readers, I’ll answer you way too fast and write way too much. When I get more people reading my stuff and writing me emails, I will probably settle down a bit but I will still read everything.

sarahyemini at gmail dot com

I’m collecting the email addresses of anyone who wants to know when my first book is ready. If you’re wondering about the book, read about it here.

Joining the mailing list is the best way to make sure you are the first to know when it is ready to read.