the fire to stay human and the hope to stay alive

What I am doing now:

I live in Melbourne, Australia and am contemplating where to live next.

After a fairly long stretch of time getting my affairs on the ground in order, I’m focusing my attention on only what matters to me before I die.

  • writing my first book “How To Adult”
  • learning to converse fluently in Hebrew
  • learning to sing
  • getting to zero clutter
  • transcribing all my past journals
  • tending the hearth that is my heart – my home life and family

I say no to many things.  Conformity. Giving a fuck about things which are not mine. Many social norms. Most invitations.

These are my priorities. I’m practicing being utterly devoted to them.

I just finished reading “In the Shallows” by Nicholas Carr and I’m currently reading “Deep Work” by Cal Newport.

This page last updated on Tuesday 24th January 2017.